Are you beginning to feel unattractive due to stubborn fat deposits — which are extremely difficult to lose?

Even with daily exercise and the proper diet, it may be impossible to shape your body as you would like it. These stubborn pockets of fat persist.

Removal of this fat by surgery is an option, however UltraShape is an incredible option for you.

Why is Medical Service the Best Choice for UltraShape

Surrounded by a comfortable, confidential setting — Medical Service is a modern clinic offering an honest, objective assessment of your body weight to find out where UltraShape treatments can be applied.

We prioritize your concerns, explain what procedures are available and what procedures can complement UltraShape to give you the best results.

What is UltraShape for weight loss

UltraShape is a safe, modern, consistent, non-surgical treatment to remove stubborn deposits of fat using focused ultrasound.

UltraShape is not for everyone. It is not for overweight people and it is not used as the primary method for weight loss.

What to expect during UltraShape

During an UltraShape treatment, the transducer is placed on the skin and delivers focused ultrasound to the subcutaneous fat. The acoustic ultrasound energy selectively disrupts the fat cells, but does not damage surrounding tissues such as nerves, blood vessels, muscle or collagen.

Triglycerides are broken down into glycerol and free fatty acids by natural fat metabolism pathways.

What to expect during UltraShape

Is UltraShape safe?

The UltraShape treatment at Medical Service is safe. We strive to continually research and educated our team members on the safest and most effective procedures.

Does UltraShape cause pain?

No, UltraShape is painless and most of our patients find the treatments relaxing.