InBody is the world’s paramount body composition analysis device that uses the 8-point tactile electrode method. What exactly does this mean for you? With the unparalleled performance of the InBody for obesity diagnosis, Medical Service believes this approach is an unmatched professional health care solution for you.

The results gained by InBody can significantly facilitate your way to a healthy lifestyle.

What is Inbody for Weight Loss

InBody analyzes your body and gives our elite Medical Service professionals data containing your weight, skeletal muscle mass, body fat mass, total body water, fat free mass, bmi, percentage body fat, waist-hip ratio (whr), basal metabolic rate (bmr), segmental analysis of fat and lean (right arm, left arm, trunk, right leg, left leg), muscle control, fat control, and impedance of each segment.

Apart from measuring weight data, it can find out the precise amount of skeletal muscle and fat mass in your body and its distribution, the amount of bones and water retained in your body, it can evaluate your figure equilibrium, measure the amount of minerals and calcium in the organism and their precise proportional distribution.

The calculated index of water retention helps the doctor determine hidden water retention in cells or outside of them and tendency to inner swellings.

InBody Measures and Reports

  • The amounts and percentages of fat and muscle throughout the body
  • How your body composition compares to healthy expected ranges
  • How many calories you burn

Frequently Asked Questions

What is most valuable about the Inbody Treatment at Medical Service?

The treatment is valuable for measuring how effective someone’s exercise program is at not only maintaining ideal weight, but moreover how effective the program is at maintaining muscle mass and metabolism.

Who should not use the Inbody Treatment for Weight Loss?

Women in their first 12 weeks of pregnancy and our patients with pacemakers or other internal electrical devices are not suitable for this treatment.