La première étape avant de commencer la greffe de cheveux robotisée à l’hopital ESTEWORLD est d’écouter et comprendre les attentes du patient, selon lesquelles le clinicien dessine sur la cuir chevelu les lignes qui délimite la zone à greffer.

Après confirmation du patient, l’étape préparatoire qui suit est le rasage de la zonne donneuse de la tête du patient. Cette zone est rasée à la hauteur de 1 mm pour faciliter la procedure de la greffe.

How Will You Look?

During your consultation, your clinician will work to design your personalized cosmetic hair pattern and illustrate different options, showing you various graft counts and hair distribution, with your direct input thanks to 3D technology.

During the Procedure

During Robotic Procedure, you will be seated and our special-trained team will do everything they can to ensure your comfort. A local anesthetic will be used during the procedure.

The physician-assisted Robotic System will use advanced algorithms to select the best hairs for harvesting, while preserving the natural look of your donor area. After harvesting procedure, your hair is then transplanted into thinning areas.

After the Procedure

You will be able to return home immediately after the procedure. Your doctor will instruct you on how to care for your newly transplanted hair.

Your New Hair Growth

Follow your doctor’s instructions on how to shampoo and care for your hair. Your newly transplanted hair, like the rest of your hair, grows steadily over time. After a few months, you will begin to see new hair growth. Around six months, you will start to notice significant growth. Your hair will continue to grow in the treated areas over time. You will be able to take care of your newly transplanted, permanent hair as you normally would.