If you are suffering from sensitive teeth, you probably have worn enamel or the roots of your teeth are exposed. The pain is usually gnawing and annoying toothpaste sensitive teeth or acid are reduced by switching to duyarsizlastirici by reducing consumption, sometimes sensitive teeth can only be treated in a professional dental service enough. Here are some of the main dental procedures and treatments that can help fight sensitive teeth.

Fluoride Application

If fluoride is applied to sensitive teeth in your mouth, this can help to reduce some pain and discomfort by strengthening enamel and dentin. The same objective can be achieved by applying fluoride gel to your mouth for five minutes.

Covering Root Surfaces

If you have gum gum due to age or a permanent gum disease, sensitive teeth will develop frequently due to root exposure. If you have sensitive teeth due to exposed roots, bonding agents can be a very good solution. In such cases, your dentist will help you with using a special filling material to cover the area that has been exposed (i.e. the root of the tooth) causing pain, sealing the surfaces, and thus exposing the causes of sensitive teeth.

Making a Mouth Guard

If you suffer from sensitive teeth due to bruxism (i.e. grinding your teeth, usually sleeping), your dentist can make a model of your teeth and then use it to produce a mouth protector that you can wear overnight. By protecting your teeth from pressure and damage, this mouth guard can be extremely effective in reducing the pain caused by sensitive teeth. It will also treat the pain in the jaw joint.

Root Canal Treatment

If everything fails and your sensitive teeth are seriously undermined by your quality of life, your dentist may decide that you are a suitable candidate for root canal treatment. This procedure can effectively correct sensitive teeth by removing the soft pulp inside the tooth. For more information on root canal treatment you can visit us here